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Education With Animated Video

A concept is best-absorbed when a child can see with his own eyes. Visual learning makes the best impact.

We Provide All Study Materials

We provide high-quality, concise study materials to deliver conceptual education in the most easy way possible..

We Teach With Local Language

We understand that learning is best done when learnt in a language which a child understands the most. Hence, we’ve localized the concept of tech-savvy education.

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We Provide Quality Educations With Highly Skilled Teachers.

Education is best earned, when you learn from the best. At eTuson, we have highly qualified and experienced teachers on-board. They understand, each mind works in a unique way. Hence, to nurture them, they need a different approach. Our teachers build an ecosystem that’s designed for your child which in turn helps him absorb his learning in best way possible.

  • Promoting independent thinking
  • Deep, intuitive ways of making children understand the toughest of the concepts
  • Our team ensures regular and highly effective communication amongst parents & teachers

We thrive on a simple formula: Learn + Practice + Apply + Test = Excel

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Our Professsional Teachers

Gayatri Mohapatra

Teacher (MSc in Physics and B. Ed)

I am Gayatri Mohapatra. I have two plus years of experience in teaching Physical science. I like to teach the students with practical and experimental method.

Kasturi Giri

Teacher (Graduate in History Hons)

I am Kasturi Giri. I have one plus years of teaching experience in social studies. I have keen interest in teaching modern History and Political science.

Parimita Sahu

Teacher (B.Sc. in Physics Hon.)

I always enjoy teaching mathematics and like to explain the concept through problem solving approach. I have keen interest in developing the mathematical quizzes and skills.

Puspita Si

Teacher (Post Graduate in mathematics and B.Ed)

I am Puspita Si. I am having 3 plus years of experience in teaching Mathematics. I consider mathematics as a funny and interesting subject. It's the game of numbers. So let's play with the numbers.

Sasmita Panda

Teacher (PG in Rural Development)

I am Sasmita Panda. I am having 2 plus years of experience in teaching social science. I explain the social studies in the form of stories. The best way to learn social studies is to learn through story.

Subhashree Panda

Teacher (PG in Physics)

I am Subhashree Panda. I am having 2 plus years of experience in teaching both physical and life science. I always passionate about teaching the students with improved skills and techniques.